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Concrete Flooring Systems is proud to be involved with Ashford Formula, the World’s leading product in concrete densification, sealing, curing, hardening and dust-proofing. CFS has been involved with Ashford Formula for over 10 years and are currently the sole distributors of Ashford Formula in New South Wales, Australia.

Ashford Formula can be applied to both new and old concrete, and serves the main purpose to seal, densify and harden the surface of a concrete substrate. In doing so, the Ashford Formula will prevent the substrate from dusting up, as well as aid in the curing of new concrete.

Independent testing verifies the effectiveness of Ashford Formula. Floors that were sealed over 50 years ago with Ashford Formula are still in use today, and it is for this reason that Ashford Formula comes with a 20 year warranty* in Australia.

Ashford Formula is the World leader in concrete densification. It is a transparent, chemically reactive, water-based sealer that penetrates concrete and masonry building materials, protecting, preserving and strengthening them permanently. With just one application of Ashford Formula, concrete or other masonry is cured and permanently sealed for its lifetime. The substrate will be rendered highly resistant to oils, greases, tire-marks and other surface contaminants.

One of the greatest benefits of using Ashford Formula is that upon application a chemical reaction takes place with the salts in the concrete, permanently eliminating the release of concrete dust through the surface pores.

The Ashford Formula, manufactured by Curecrete Chemical, Inc., was the first product to protect and seal concrete through the process of chemical densification. Unlike coatings or membranes that simply lie on top of the concrete and eventually wear off, the Ashford Formula penetrates the surface of the concrete and reacts chemically with the moisture and alkali to produce a dense, harder, more stable surface. Ashford Formula locks in the salts in the concrete and completely eliminates dusting. The results are permanent, so no re-treatment is ever required.

Ashford Formula can be used on new or old concrete. It is commonly specified for use in warehouses, distribution centres, aviation hangers, exhibit halls, stadiums, car parks, manufacturing plants and food processing facilities. Ashford Formula is environmentally friendly and is safe to use, being an odourless and non-hazardous material. It contains no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ashford Formula is non-toxic, and produces no harmful fumes or vapours.